ISO 28000 Transition Training Courses

PECB ISO 28000 Transition Training Courses
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Course Description


Master ISO 28000 Transition: Enhance Your Security Management Expertise


Ferro Technics offers expert training for the ISO 28000 Transition, empowering participants to grasp key differences between ISO 28000:2007 and ISO 28000:2022. This training explores the latest concepts, requirements, and recommendations introduced in the March 2022 version of ISO 28000. The updated ISO 28000, released in March 2022, aligns with the ISO's structure, enhancing security management systems (SeMS) integration and emphasizing security and resilience.


The PECB ISO 28000 Transition course equips individuals with expertise in revised requirements, enabling them to guide SeMS transitions for ISO 28000:2022 compliance. Upon completion, participants can take the exam and apply for the PECB Certified ISO 28000 Transition credential, showcasing their ability to update SeMS effectively to meet ISO 28000:2022 standards. Call +1 (833) 638-0001 to register for the PECB authorized ISO 28000 Transition training.


Who is it For?


This PECB ISO 28000 Transition training course is ideal for:


  • Professionals seeking to stay current with the latest ISO 28000 requirements

  • Individuals aiming to understand the key differences between ISO 28000:2007 and ISO 28000:2022

  • Those responsible for transitioning an organization's Security Management System (SeMS) to the new 2022 standard

  • Managers, trainers, and consultants involved in maintaining an effective SeMS

  • Experienced ISO 28000 certificate holders looking to update their certificates


Key Outcomes


The PECB ISO 28000 Transition Training equips professionals to stay current with the latest standard, comprehend key differences between the 2007 and 2022 versions, transition an organization's Security Management System, and update existing ISO 28000 certifications. The training empowers the professionals to ensure compliance and maintain effective security management.



To fully benefit from this training course, participants should have a basic idea of security concepts and familiarity with ISO 28000 requirements.


About the Exam

About the Exam

The PECB Certified ISO 28000 Transition exam aligns with the PECB Examination and Certification Program (ECP), assessing key competency domains:

Domain 1: Understanding differences between ISO 28000:2022 and ISO 28000:2007 clauses

Domain 2: Interpretation and planning for ISO 28000:2022 implementation

Please refer to the List of PECB Exams and the Examination Rules and Policies for detailed information on exam types, available languages, and other important details.


Course Learning Objectives


Following the PECB Certified ISO 28000 Transition Training Courses, participants will be able to:


  1. Differentiate between ISO 28000:2007 and ISO 28000:2022

  2. Interpret new concepts, requirements, and recommendations in ISO 28000:2022

  3. Strategize and execute changes for SeMS alignment with ISO 28000:2022 standards.


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