Unveiling vCISO Services; Manage Your Cybersecurity Systems with Our Expertise

With cybersecurity threats constantly surrounding organizations in the Healthcare, Finance, Government, and Education sectors, the importance of establishing protected IT networks has alerted company owners.

With our vCISO service we are committed to providing affordable senior-level executive expertise required for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Being a recognized and certified IT governance solution provider, our cybersecurity and compliance prowess is second to none.

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Our vCISO Services: Focused and Client-Centric

Our Virtual CISO services are based on a strategic customer-first approach where you can team up with a self-driven and proactive virtual officer. Our solution is tailored to our client’s organization’s information security posture, analyzing compliance gaps, and assisting their response team in maturing the IT system as a whole.
Ferro Technics virtual CISO further encompasses

Connect with Industry Leaders and Reinforce Information Security with vCISO

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Our Tailored vCISO Roles Fit Your Organizations’ Needs

We determine our strategic business vision, data forensic services, and compliance protocols in alignment with your organization’s cybersecurity goals. Our vCISO expertise is rightly sized according to your business security program needs. Ferro Technics vCISO as a service offers the following roles:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Comprehending and understanding the role of vCISO can be complicated. We have gathered some of the most repeated questions. In case we have missed something, contact us directly for additional information.

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Are vCISO Services Available for Full-time Roles?

Ferro Technis vCISO assistant is not a full-time employee but will be at your service whenever needed. Organizations can avail this service on a pay-as-you-go basis. For instance, they can select from fixed required hours per month or flexibility in utilization of day-to-day options. Ferro Technics virtual CISO services are affordable, customizable, and flexible to tailor to your organization’s requirements.

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Why vCISO is Better than Hiring a Manual Officer?

The CISO vacancy can be expensive to fill for organizations, especially the ones in a struggling phase. Furthermore, due to increased demand, finding the experts and experienced professionals is a challenge. With our affordable vCISO services, organizations can avail executive-like attributes from automated and self-driven virtual assistant.

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What are the Benefits of a Virtual CISO (vCISO)?

vCISO is a self-driven information security executive with better efficiency than a CISO. It examines information security systems swiftly and identifies potential risks in minimum time. Starting with understanding organizations’ existing internal IT posture, vCISO services then look for exploitable loopholes through Threat Risk Assessment. After identification, it conveys necessary measures to the response team and assists them in implementation for improvement in information security systems.

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What is Included in Ferro Technics vCISO Consulting Services?

At Ferro Technics, we assist our clients in identifying vulnerabilities in their existing IT infrastructures. The vCISO reviews existing internal information security controls and establish a strategy for improvements aligned with organizations’ goals, compliance needs, and budgets. The virtual assistant also communicates weaknesses, helps draft policies that retain efficiency for a longer time, and monitors their implementation to prevent non-compliance consequences and ensure a sustainable future.

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