Ferro Technics is Your Trusted Partner in Compliance Management

With experience of over seven years in providing IT auditing and consulting services to businesses and conducting security awareness training, Ferro Technics has become a highly reputed name in the IT industry. We are a leading cybersecurity services and training provider to organizations.

We aim to empower the financial, education, and health sectors in building robust data security systems capable of detecting, deterring and managing potential risks to mitigate their impact on organization’s assets including goodwill, and reputation.

Cybersecurity threats and compliance management continue to evolve in intricacy, with more and more stringent measures being supplemented to the legal framework. At Ferro Technics, we understand multifaceted challenges businesses face in aligning information security infrastructures with compliance requirements. We extend our auditing and consulting services for cybersecurity, risk management and cloud security, comprehending the clients’ real-time experiences in developing a cyber-aware infrastructure.

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IT Security Certification Training Partners

At Ferro Technics, we offer IT and cybersecurity courses as accredited training partners of

How we add value to your Business?

Ferro Technics creates a Cyber Security value chain in your organization’s Business Strategy, securing all functional areas, ensuring Cyber Security and Privacy policies, processes and controls across all functional areas of the organization are optimized to secure business strategy, operations, procurement, HR etc. from input of resources to output of product and services for diverse market segments.

Consulting Services

At Ferro Technics, we will handle the complexities and devise solutions for your business due diligence needs. We provide strategic insights and evaluate in-time practices for organizations to take informed countermeasures against cyber security threats.

Our cybersecurity experts conduct audits, gap assessments, provide guidance, develop solutions and plan end user training by understanding your business needs, internal and external environmental context, business goals, and the areas to improve for compliance management.

A thorough analysis of your organization’s Information Security Management System is created through relevant assessments such as gap analysis , threat risk assessment, penetration testing, privacy impact assessment , and vulnerability assessment.

Security Assessments

Assessing security controls for detailed mapping between bugs, potential risks, asset vulnerabilities, and their impact on organization

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Vulnerability Assessments

Discover weaknesses within the organization's information technology landscape by evaluating existing vulnerabilities within the system

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Privacy Impact Assessments

Helps identify potential impact an existing information system, technology, program, or process may pose to an individual’s privacy

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Threat Risk Assessment (TRA)

Identifies potential threats to an organization’s processes and functions while providing recommendations to maximize protection

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Penetration Testing

Reveals deficiencies in security controls that expose organizations to emerging vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit easily

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Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Qualified security practitioners review internal security controls and propose required strategic and operational measures

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Policies and Procedure Development

Developing course of action required to maintain organization’s security posture as per industry best practices, and legal obligations

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Develop and Provide Security Awareness Training

Comprehensive cybersecurity trainings to administrative staff for detection and protection of business and employees from potential threats

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Implement and Manage Information Security Programs

Implementing sets of policies, procedures, processes and controls in the complete information technology environment

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Auditing Services

Auditing is an important activity for your organization’s information security management process. For the IT audit of your company’s IT infrastructure, we assess your current network and system architectures used to store, process, transmit, and protect confidential data. Our certified auditors identify non-compliance, potential data exploitation risks, and policy implementation issues to help your organization overcome vulnerabilities and stay compliant with ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type I and II, HIPAA, and PCI DSS standards.

ISO 27001

Devise an information security management framework to plan, execute and lead your organization for ISO 27001 certification

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SOC 2 Type I and II

Determine suitability and effectiveness of existing security controls to recommend needed security measures for SOC 2 compliance

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Identify information security policy implementation gaps for healthcare providers and their associates to ensure HIPAA regulations adherence

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Assess existing information security controls for malicious risks, detect PCI DSS non-compliance gaps, and provide rectifying solutions

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Training Courses and Certifications

Ferro Technics is the one-stop center for applicable, and recognized IT certification in Canada for Cybersecurity, Information System Management, Cloud Solutions, and Computer Forensics.

In addition to IT auditing and consulting services, our training programs are formulated to guide IT professionals through real-world scenarios for assessments, interpretation sessions, detailed lectures, and technical problem-solving tests.

We are proud third-party COJG trainers that offer globally recognized training in partnership with industry-leading certification partners; EC Council, ISACA, and PECB.

About Ferro Technics

Ferro Technics is a highly acclaimed, distinguished and Industry recognised name in IT auditing, Information System Management Training, and Cybersecurity Consulting Service provider with over seven years of industry experience. We listen, understand, and address our clients’ problems by providing them with tailored solutions to improve their brand reputation and lead businesses to compliance.

In addition to IT auditing and consulting services, we also ensure that all our clients are satisfied with the quality of certification training we provide to their personnel. For individuals seeking IT certifications, we extend support to ensure they pass the certification exams and progress in their career.

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Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG)

You may be eligible for up to $10,000 in COJG training grant. Visit our COJG page for more details

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We look forward to partnering with healthcare, finance, education, and government organizations to assist them in establishing and maintaining secure and sustainable IT infrastructure. We are here to address all your queries.

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How to Avail Canada IT Certification Courses?

Visit our Training Courses section, search for your desired program, and add it to the cart. Fill in your information to complete the purchase. For further information visit our website: ferrotechnics.ca

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How Much Does the IT Auditing and Cybersecurity Service Cost?

Depending on the requirements of your organization, Ferro Technics provide affordable auditing solutions. We ensure cost-efficiency, whether you want to avail one service or book a complete suite

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What are the Benefits of Cybersecurity Audit Services?

Our auditing service is aimed to provide organizations with a detailed overview of their business regarding compliance and loopholes in existing systems through various assessments such as penetration testing, security assessment, privacy impact assessment, vulnerability assessment, and threat risk assessment. We also propose required measures to help businesses bridge the gaps in their information security system.

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Can IT Auditing and Consulting Service Providers be Trusted?

At Ferro Technics, we follow a customer-centric approach. Our certified and experienced staff is committed to providing a thorough analysis of threats and gaps in your existing information security systems. They then propose necessary measures to shield the data and comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

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