Enhancing Security For A Sustainable Future

In an era where digital threats evolve daily, we are dedicated to fortifying the digital defenses of organizations across North America and beyond. As cyber threats have emerged as significant risks to organizational assets, our mission is to help you safeguard your valuable assets and reputation.

With over seven years of industry acumen, our tailored cybersecurity services cater to the needs of industries of all sizes. Whether it is regulatory requirements or compliance audits, our business-oriented services include:

  • Cyber Security Strategy Development
  • Cyber Security Governance Development and Design
  • Creation of Frameworks and Architecture for IT Infrastructure and Data Management
  • Creation of Plans for Organizational and Cyber Security Resilience and Incidence Management

IT auditing services are provided to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and IT training services converge to enhance your security posture.

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Cybersecurity and Information Security Training Courses

Our IT training courses are designed for organizations' dual needs, equipping employees with the required skills to identify and mitigate potential risks and safeguard the Information security Management System (ISMS). We foster a friendly environment, exceptional learning techniques, game-style activities, active communication, and assessments/quizzes to ramp up our clients’ training experience and help them advance in their careers.

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Our Mission

At Ferro Technics, we want to become a global leader in cybersecurity, network, and infrastructure consulting services and certification training, ensuring that our clients are satisfied with the quality of services and training they receive, and that due diligence and due care are maintained at all times in managing the security posture of the organization.

We create a friendly workplace for our staff and an interactive environment where our clients can exchange ideas and learn from the experiences of their peers in cybersecurity.

Apart from cybersecurity and project management, we will work with global leaders in IT technology and ensure that we are well-equipped to offer services and training for technology leaders like Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, Oracle, and Citrix. Our goal is to be a center of excellence for all major IT technologies and IT security disciplines.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in Cybersecurity Consulting and Training Services, ensuring organizations have secure infrastructure, qualified employees who are certified in managing information systems efficiently and securely.

Our Information Security Management Solutions for Your Business

Combined with the astute knowledge of our team and client-centric auditing and consulting services, we ensure data security and regulatory compliance for our clients.

With years of experience in the industry and exhibiting expertise, we deliver consulting, auditing, and training services for cybersecurity and cloud security management to multiple sectors, including:

Ready to Witness Your Organization’s Digitally Secure and Compliant Landscape?

Ferro Technics is the Powerhouse for Your IT Security Certification and Industry Standards Compliance

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Our Achievements

Demonstrating our unwavering commitment to businesses globally, our team of experts in compliance, consulting and auditing services, and industry related trainings helped us earn our place in the industry.

Our Partners in Success

We do not settle for ordinary and aim to offer top-of-the-line cyber defense services to our clients. We work closely with Sixwatch in Tampa to provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for your business. We help businesses identify and bridge compliance gaps for various regulatory requirements.

Our Accrediting Partners

Our training courses are designed to encourage experience-based and technology-led learning. We provide trainings as accredited partners of:

Why Ferro Technics is Your Trusted Security Partner?

We have a proven track record of providing comprehensive information security management services. Our certified experts will assist you in comprehending IT systems, from vulnerability analysis to preventive measures, while they train your team to safeguard your ISMS against future threats. At Ferro Technics, claims are not mere statements when we say your information security and compliance program is safe with us.

We keep track of every new regulation and provide assistance and training to clients accordingly for due diligence.

Evolving Data-Driven Services

We assist organizations in finding loopholes within their existing IT systems that can compromise brand reputation, data security, and regulatory compliance.

Risks Identification to Prevent Damage

For almost a decade, we have been offering Information Security management solutions to organizations for enhancing defense against cyber-attacks.

Years of Industry Experience to Deliver

Our experts are certified in IT and cybersecurity disciplines to assist you through compliance gaps and impart applicable cyber defense training.

Experienced and Multiple Domain Certified Members

Providing a quality training experience is our core priority. We guide our clients and learners at each step to excel in the cybersecurity certification exams.

Professional and Skillful Cybersecurity Training Courses


Feroz Hyder (CEO and Lead Trainer) CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC, SABSA SCF, PMP, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, CIPP/C, MCSE, MScIS, MBA

Feroz Hyder, our CEO and Lead Trainer, has been contributing to ensure a more secure and sustainable digital landscape as an IT management consultant and expert in developing and implementing risk management initiatives for Finance, Healthcare, Education, and Government sectors. His several years of experience in IT Audits, System Management, Project Management, and teaching Information Security and Network Management led to the idea of founding Ferro Technics.

He extends his technical acumen through Ferro Technics services to equip businesses with essential infrastructure for more secure information systems.

Meet Our Team of Dedicated Experts

Introducing our integrated team of industry professionals that make up the pillars of Ferro Technics and shape our company to be an emerging leader in our industry.

Feroz Hyder
CEO and Lead Trainer
Fauzia Hyder
Director HR
Sheharyar Hyder
Sheharyar Hyder
Manager of Project Delivery
David Phillips
Director, Special Projects
Naeem Mukhtar
Director, IT Service Management Practice
Danial Hyder

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