Security Operation Center (SOC) (SOC-as-a-Service)


The security operation center is the core of any effective cybersecurity practice, and our SOC-as-a-service operates around the clock to defend your business against evolving and unstoppable external cyber risks. By integrating Next-gen SIEM, AI, UBA, and Threat Intel combined with the expert assistance of seasoned IT professionals, we fortify your digital defenses at a cost much lower than hiring a security analyst.

  • 24x7 Detection, Analysis & Alert Triage
  • 30-min GOLD SLA
  • White-labeled Custom Reporting
  • Automation & Incident Response
  • Escalated True Positives
  • 360° IT Systems Monitoring

Vulnerability Management and Patch Management-as-a-Service

Stay Aware of Weaknesses and Secure Your System’s Operations

Based on an all-encompassing approach, our VM-and-PM-as-a-Service handles vulnerability configuration, scanning, detection, and remediation for your organization. We offer a systematic approach focused on your business operations, goals, and current IT infrastructures. By deploying automated tools and manual assessments, our turnkey security service minimizes the need for hiring a dedicated security engineer.

  • Largest Built-in Database
  • Real-time & Ongoing Monitoring
  • Detection in < 5 Minutes
  • Industry Security Standards Compliance
  • OSs and 300+ Third-party Apps
  • Patch Management Module

Managed Detection and Response-as-a-Service (MDR-as-a-Service)

Uncover Threats & Protect Your IT Infrastructure with MDR

Providing an extensive security solution, our MDR-as-a-Service leverages Enterprise-Grade ActiveEDR technology that combines AI-powered prevention, detection, response, and threat-hunting functionalities. It safeguards user endpoints, cloud workloads, containers, and IoT devices. Being a cost-effective and highly efficient managed operations solution, our MDR-as-a-Services will enable you to access turnkey security in real-time.

  • Zero-day Attacks
  • MITRE ATT&CK® Technique
  • Trojans & Rootkits
  • IOC Repositories
  • Digital Forensics Investigations (DFI)
  • Behavioral AI & Hacking-Tools

Email Security-as-a-Service (ESaaS)

Stop Email-Driven Risks in their Tracks Before they Reach Your System

Delivering protection against email-borne threats, including phishing, spam, ransomware, and malware, our ESaaS empower businesses to concentrate on their operational activities. By integrating AI, ML, and deep learning algorithms, we analyze and filter emails in real-time to detach malicious content before it reaches your inbox. Our ESaaS service is best fit for all-sized businesses that require expertise to ensure secure email communication.

  • Multi-layered Email Security Framework
  • 30-min GOLD SLA
  • White-labeled Custom Reporting
  • Automation & Incident Response
  • Escalated True Positives
  • 360° IT Systems Monitoring

Elevate Cybersecurity Against Unknown External Threats

Take the Proactive Step Towards Building a Strengthened and Protected IT Infrastructure

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Secure, Scale, Succeed with Our Managed Operations Services

We offer effective, efficient, and advanced Managed Operations Services, including MDR-as-a-service, SOC-as-a-service, VM-and-PM-as-a-service and ESaaS that go beyond mere protection and enable you to strengthen your IT frontier to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After offering uninterrupted cybersecurity services and fortifying businesses' digital tomorrows, Ferro Technics has earned its name in the IT industry. Our all-inclusive managed operations services, including MDR-as-a-service, SOC-as-a-service, VM-and-PM-as-a-service and ESaaS, enable organizations to stay a step ahead of evolving cyber crimes. We have gathered the most asked queries to improve the understanding of managed operations services further.

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How Does Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Benefit Organizations?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a proactive operations service that provides continuous IT infrastructure monitoring, external threat identification, and rapid response. MDR-as-a-service enables organizations to strengthen their IT security posture by staying aware of evolving threats such as malware, data breaches, network hacks, and more and detect and deter them in real-time, while minimizing their impact.

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How Does the Security Operation Center (SOC) Operations Service Operate?

SOC service provides 24/7 coverage with continuous monitoring of the IT systems, threat detection, and incident response in real-time. It further offers visibility into digital infrastructure for you to take required and immediate actions when an external attack strikes. Hence, SOC revamps your current proactive approach to security threats while minimizing potential cyber incident impact, enhancing existing risk intelligence controls, and contributing to the overall IT system’s resilience. from automated and self-driven virtual assistant.

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What Checks are Involved in Vulnerability Management and Patch Management-as-a-Service?

VM-and-PM-as-a-Service is focused on identifying, evaluating, and overcoming vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT systems. It involves regular and continuous scans to ensure you have visibility of your infrastructure, network, and connected devices. VM-and-PM is a fully managed turnkey service that also helps in the remediation of detected flaws, risks, and threats. By leveraging advanced AI and ML technologies, it automates end-to-end tasks and threat prevention in real-time and will empower you to maintain a robust security posture.

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