EC-Council CCISO Training Course

EC-Council CCISO Training Course

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  • Description
  • Who is it For?
  • Key Outcomes
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Course Description

EC-Council CCISO Training Program | Join a Global Community of Security Leaders at Ferro Technics


EC-Council's Chief Certified Information Security Officer (C|CISO) Program has empowered information security professionals to achieve their highest career aspirations globally. Developed and delivered by experienced security executives, this program equips future leaders with the business acumen and technical expertise needed to excel in the top echelons of the security industry.


At Ferro Technics, an EC-Council-accredited CCISO training center, we align our services with this training program, helping professionals master the business of security. The C|CISO curriculum offers an executive management perspective, integrating information security management principles, strategic security portfolio management, and the latest technological advancements across five crucial domains.


Join a global community of security leaders and enhance your capabilities with Ferro Technics. Gain exclusive insights and cutting-edge skills with our CCISO online training to lead in today's dynamic security landscape.


Who is it For?

Designed for executives aiming to refine their skills and align their information security programs with organizational goals:

  • Ideal for aspiring CISOs and current security leaders

  • Focuses on executive-level content, unlike other programs targeting middle management

  • Encourages existing CISOs to enhance their processes and programs continually

  • Aligns with Ferro Technics' services to provide advanced training for security professionals

  • Ensures both current and future CISOs receive the necessary training to excel in the industry


Key Outcomes


In This CISO Training with Ferro Technics, You Will Learn How To:

  • Prepare for the CCISO Exam: Gain the knowledge and skills needed to pass the CCISO certification exam successfully.

  • Navigate CISO Responsibilities: Understand and manage the daily tasks and responsibilities of a Chief Information Security Officer.

  • Executive Perspective on Technical Aspects: Approach technical aspects of the CISO role with an executive mindset.

  • Plan Security and Financial Strategies: Develop comprehensive security and financial strategies that align with organizational goals.

  • Align Tasks with Business Goals: Ensure that CISO responsibilities are in harmony with business objectives and risk tolerance.


About the Exam

To earn the CCISO certification, candidates must pass an exam covering all five domains, regardless of their experience in each. The exam evaluates individuals at three different levels of cognitive ability.

Level 1—Knowledge: This level tests the recall of memorized facts. It's the most basic cognitive level, used to recognize a candidate’s ability to remember basic definitions, standards, or concrete facts. While foundational, it's rarely the sole focus of advanced certifications like those offered by Ferro Technics.

Level 2 – Application: This level assesses the candidate’s understanding and correct application of concepts. Unlike basic knowledge questions, application questions require comprehension of how to use a concept in context. At Ferro Technics, we ensure that candidates are not only familiar with concepts but also proficient in applying them in real-world scenarios.

Level 3 – Analysis: This level evaluates the candidate’s ability to identify and resolve problems given a set of variables and context. Analysis questions go beyond mere application, demanding that candidates understand how to use concepts to solve complex issues. Ferro Technics' training emphasizes the development of these critical analytical skills, preparing candidates to tackle intricate cybersecurity challenges.

Number of Questions: 150

Duration: 2.5 hours

Availability: EC-Council Exam Portal

Test Format: Multiple Choice Questions


Course Learning Objectives


Why Should You Consider the C|CISO Program?

  • Global Certification: EC-Council's CCISO Program certifies top information security professionals worldwide.

  • Expert-Driven Content: Developed by the CCISO Advisory Board, composed of high-level information security executives.

  • Comprehensive Training: Covers critical areas for aspiring and current CISOs, including authoring, exam writing, quality assurance, and instruction.

  • Aligned with Ferro Technics: Our services align with the CCISO program to transfer knowledge from seasoned executives to future leaders.

  • High Standards: ANAB-accredited certification meets rigorous ANAB standards.

  • Military Recognition: Approved baseline certification under DoD Directive 8570/8140, recognized by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

  • Career Advancement: Provides excellent opportunities for advancement in the U.S. military and beyond.


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