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As technologies become more sophisticated, bad cyber actors are targeting your company’s employees as entry points into IT infrastructures. An untrained workforce is a hoyees on today’s cyber threats and industry best prevention practices. Following a new school approach, we offer engaging and interactive web training sessions, baseline testing using mock attacks, and continuous assessment through simulated phishing, ransomware, and social engineering attempts. Collectively, our security awareness program will help you build a workforce that is informed, vigilant, and proactive against falling victim to cyberattacks.

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Outlining the Phases in Our Security Awareness Program

While cybercriminals trap and exploit employees to compromise your organization’s security, we equip and train them to stand as an unbreachable shield. Our cyber security awareness service offers modern-day training on existing and emerging cyber threats to foster vigilance in everyone associated with the organization.
Additionally, for compliance-sensitive enterprises, we pave the way to regulatory adherence through comprehensive IT security awareness training phases. These typically include:

Phase 1: Gap Analysis Assessment

Identify and assess potential human risks and gaps in security awareness that elevate your organization’s vulnerabilities. We also evaluate the level of knowledge among employees regarding cyber threats and how to keep themselves protected.

Phase 2: Training Planning Phase

Following the gap analysis, we evaluate how many employees have fallen into the trap of malicious actors and the reasons behind their exploitation to plan a tailored security training program. This roadmap is aligned with your organization’s objectives and clearly states the resources, techniques, and tools to be used.

Phase 3: Curriculum and Content Development

In this phase, our cyber security awareness training experts design a curriculum covering password management, data protection, common external threats, and prevention knowledge. We also develop engaging and interactive materials, including quizzes, group discussions, and videos.

Phase 4: Delivery Phase

Based on the designed curriculum, our industry-certified instructors proceed with delivery by conducting in-person or virtual security awareness training sessions for employees. We also provide e-learning modes to make the training process flexible and accessible.

Phase 5: Phishing Simulations

To train your employees with expert-level knowledge to counter cyber attacks, we conduct simulated phishing exercises. During this assessment, our instructors not only test the expertise of your teams but also their ability to detect and deter phishing attempts.

Phase 6: Performance Reporting

After the completion of knowledge evaluation, real-world skill testing, and training sessions, our instructors prepare a detailed report outlining every employee’s scores and where they need improvement.

Phase 7: Adaptation and Continuous Improvement

In an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, keeping pace with emerging threats, countermeasures, and regulations is imperative to prevent irreversible damage to your organization’s IT infrastructure. We provide updated training material based on the latest risk knowledge, advanced tools, and industry-relevant curriculum for ongoing improvements.

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Hack-Proof Your Workforce with Security Awareness Program

Cybersecurity awareness training is equally crucial as maintaining the organization’s security itself. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are aiding malicious actors in becoming more sophisticated and detect-proof, raising the probability that businesses fall into their trap easily. Hence, this underscores the need for 360° protection, counting ISMS, current security controls, and employees.

Our effective and result-driven security awareness training is your trusted partner in improving your employee’s knowledge against cyber threats. We train, test, and ensure that your teams are well-equipped for cyber resilience.

  • Increase the Team’s Awareness

  • Trained and Tested Cybersecurity Skills

  • Elevate Data Privacy and Security

  • Free-it-Up Resources

  • Foster Cybersecurity Due Diligence

  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance

policy and procedure development services offer a tailored approach to finetune organization’s operations and compliance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ferro Technics is an emerging industry leader in IT security, network, and infrastructure certification, committed to offering uninterrupted cybersecurity consulting services to the Healthcare, Government, Finance, and Education sectors. While we bring a wealth of industry experience to fortifying your digital frontier, our team also develops, manages, and delivers security awareness training for employees to prepare a skilled and cyberaware workforce. We have compiled the most-asked questions for further clarity.
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What Topics Are Covered in the Cybersecurity Security Awareness Training?

Cybersecurity awareness training is a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of topics to equip employees with an in-depth understanding of both evolving threats and how to shield from them. Most commonly, they include password-based protection, social media, phishing, ransomware, malware, mobile, cloud, email, browser, and physical security, insider threats, encryption, data management and protection, internet usage, multi-factor authentication, and much more.

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How Does IT Security Awareness Training Enable Employees to Address Social Engineering Attacks?

Social engineering refers to manipulating employees into disclosing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, personal data, or other details they can use as entry points. Security awareness training equips employees with extensive knowledge regarding social engineering techniques such as phishing emails or deceptive calls and how to verify their authenticity during communication with fraudsters.

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How Can Organizations Check the Effectiveness of their Cybersecurity Awareness Training Programs?

By simply evaluating some key metrics and methods. Security awareness training involves a combination of both qualitative and quantitative measures that collectively help in evaluating the effectiveness of this program. They include monitoring intrusion rates and how many incidents are identified and prevented, proactive response and feedback by employees, periodic simulated phishing tests, and daily practice monitoring. By collectively or individually measuring these KPIs, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your security awareness training program.

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How Does the Security Awareness Training Program Adhere to Broader Cybersecurity Initiatives and Regulatory Compliance Requirements?

Security awareness training educates and prepares employees in accordance with industry best practices, policies, and procedures that also align with regulatory standards. As employees are equally crucial in maintaining a secure IT infrastructure and compliance, cybersecurity awareness programs are designed in such a way that they are not only informed and vigilant but also proactive against external threats.

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