EC-Council Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) Java Training

Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) Java

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Course Description


EC-Council Certified Application Security Engineer Java Training Program


Master Secure Software Development, Application Security, and Risk Mitigation

The CASE Java training program offered by Ferro Technics, the EC-Council accredited certified application security training center, empowers students to enhance their skills in three critical areas: secure software development, application security, and risk mitigation.

Application security is crucial for protecting software applications against threats to confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It ensures secure coding practices, thorough testing, and effective risk management to prevent vulnerabilities and guarantee application safety.

Join Ferro Technics for the EC-Council accredited CASE Java training program and gain expertise in safeguarding applications and strengthening your organization's security posture.

  • Open the Door to Application Security: Gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in secure Java application development.

  • Professional Understanding: Develop a professional understanding of secure coding practices, application security principles, and risk mitigation strategies.

  • Best Practices for Security: Learn and implement best practices to enhance the security of Java applications within your organization.

Boost Your Skills and Employability: Increase your skills as a Security Specialist and enhance your employability in the field of application security.

Who is it For?


Who Should Take the C|ASE  Training Course?


By taking the CASE Java course, you will gain valuable insights and practical skills that will enhance your ability to create secure Java applications, ultimately contributing to safer and more resilient software solutions.  The Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) - Java course is ideal for:

  1. Experienced Java Developers: This course will help Java developers deepen their knowledge and skills in application security. It's a perfect fit for those looking to enhance their expertise and credentials in secure Java application development.

  2. Aspiring Security Professionals: This course will greatly benefit developers who aspire to careers as security analysts, engineers, or testers. It provides comprehensive training in Java application security, equipping you with the necessary skills to identify, mitigate, and prevent security vulnerabilities in Java applications.

  3. Development and Testing Professionals: This course is also suitable for professionals involved in the development, testing, or management of Java applications. Whether you are a developer, tester, or manager, the CASE Java certification will help you understand and implement best practices for securing Java applications throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).


Key Outcomes


Why Should You Consider the EC Council C|ASE Program?


The EC-Council Certified application security engineer program is designed to provide comprehensive training in application security, application security testing, and risk mitigation. Here are the key Outcomes that make the C|ASE program a valuable investment:

Security Beyond Secure Coding: Challenge the traditional mindset that a secure application only means secure coding by encompassing broader security measures.

Comprehensive Testing and Credentialing: Ensure secure application development is tested and credentialed across all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

NICE Framework Alignment: The C|ASE program aligns with many Specialty Areas under the "Securely Provision" category in the NICE 2.0 Framework.

Diverse Security Techniques: Master techniques such as Input Validation, Defensive Coding Practices, Authentication and Authorization, Cryptographic Attack Mitigation, Error Handling, and Session Management.

Immediate Credibility: Gain recognition as an expert in application security, showcasing skills that appeal to global employers.

Multifaceted Skills: Apply CASE skills to various platforms, including mobile applications, web applications, IoT devices, and more.

Holistic Security Outlook: Acquire skills covering every aspect of secure software development, from pre-deployment to post-deployment.

Better Protect and Defend: Contribute to defending both organizations and individuals globally, promoting a safer world through enhanced application security.

Registering for Ferro Technics' ECSS training program is a significant step toward becoming a proficient and respected cybersecurity professional.


About the Exam


The EC-Council Certified Application Security Engineer Java (C|ASE) exam can be taken on the final day of training. Students must pass the online exam to receive their CASE certification, validating their acquired skills and knowledge.


Exam Title: Certified Application Security Engineer (Java)

Exam Code: 312-96

Number of Questions: 50

Duration: 2 hours

Availability: ECC Exam Portal

Test Format: Multiple Choice Questions

Please refer to


Course Learning Objectives


  1. Understanding Application Security, Threats, and Attacks
  2. Security Requirements Gathering
  3. Secure Application Design and Architecture
  4. Secure Coding Practices for Input Validation
  5. Secure Coding Practices for Authentication and Authorization
  6. Secure Coding Practices for Cryptography
  7. Secure Coding Practices for Session Management
  8. Secure Coding Practices for Error Handling
  9. Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST & DAST)
  10. Secure Deployment and Maintenance

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