Redefining Cybersecurity with Penetration Testing as a Service

Regardless of geographical location or industry, every business is susceptible to malicious hacking attempts. Modern-day cyber attackers wield advanced tools and techniques, making their illict efforts more sophisticated and easier for them to breach IT infrastructures.

We have been offering comprehensive penetration testing services to organizations in the Finance, Government, Education, and Healthcare sectors for almost a decade. Our ethical hacking experts simulate real-world cyberattacks to pinpoint weaknesses in businesses’ IT networks, systems, and applications. We will deploy the tech-advanced procedures while you witness your organization’s digital frontier revamping.

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Rolling Out the Steps Involved in Penetration Testing

Also known as ethical hacking in the cybersecurity realm, penetration testing involves the authorized breach of IT systems. This process is conducted for organizations who seek to attain an in-depth understanding vulnerabilities their IT infrastructure possesses and weaknesses that may arise in the future. We perform penetration testing on web and mobile applications, networks, cloud, and wireless devices. The steps involve:

Phase 1: Planning

Our ethical hackers work with the organization’s in-house teams to understand the scope of pen tests, set targets, and understand goals to curate a tailored PenTest methodology.

Phase 2: Information Gathering

As the organization’s scope of assessment is defined, our professionals collect relevant data on the target network and system. This includes domain names, IP addresses, network architecture, open ports, live hosts, internet surfing, and other details.

Phase 3: System Scanning

Ethical hackers use static and dynamic assessment in this phase to analyze how an organization’s system responds or reacts to intrusion attempts.

Phase 4: Simulating Attacks

After gaining access to the targeted system and scanning codes behind it, the tester deploys different breach attempts that simulate real-world attacks to identify which vulnerability is easily exploitable and help them gain access.

Phase 5: Post-Attack Actions

If the attacker successfully breaches the organization's system, they simulate the exfiltration of sensitive information. This practice helps in assessing the impact of intrusion on data integrity and confidentiality.

Phase 6: Documentation and Reporting

This is the concluding phase of our penetration testing service, where our testers document all findings with minor to major details, extent of compromise, identified weaknesses, confidentiality level, and the duration of undetected intrusion.

Phase 7: Remediation Support

We assist organizations in strengthening their systems, networks, and servers through our all-inclusive pen testing service. Our testers devise remediation strategies and support throughout the implementation and mitigation process.

Phase 8: Re-Testing

On successful strategy and security controls implementation, our ethical hackers give the system a test run by deploying breach techniques to validate the effectiveness of fixes applied.

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Unfolding the Types of Network Penetration Testing Services

Why Choose Ferro Technics for Cloud, Mobile, and Web Services Penetration Testing Solutions

Ferro Technics is one of the leading cybersecurity auditing and consultation companies extending penetration testing services to assist your business in identifying security control resilience and IT infrastructure maturity. Using our PenTest consultation, you can reduce negative consequences such as reputation downfall, legal sanctions, monetary loss, non-compliance, severe regulatory penalties, and the list continues.

  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance

    Network and IT infrastructure protection is a legal obligation put forth by PCI DSS, ISO27001, MPA, SOC2, and FedRAMP. We help your business achieve and maintain regulatory adherence.

  • Identify Overlooked Weaknesses

    Our expert and well-trained ethical hackers assist your company in restricting unauthorized access to assets by precisely spotting the vulnerabilities you may have overlooked.

  • Wide Industries Reach

    We offer tailored, effective, and result-driven penetration testing services for your business, regardless of the company size, in the Healthcare, Finance, Government, and Education sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ferro Technics is an emerging leader in IT security, network, and infrastructure certifications. We have established a prominent presence in the cybersecurity industry due to our unwavering commitment to assisting businesses to establish and maintain robust cyber defenses, offering one of the best penetration test services in Canada.

Here is a list of most asked questions to further improve your understanding of PenTests.

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How Often Should Organizations Schedule and Conduct Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a proactive cybersecurity approach that simulates real-world external threats to help businesses identify vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructures. Its frequency depends on several factors, such as regulatory requirement changes, organization’s niche, and how often its system experiences technological alterations. Usually, cybersecurity experts suggest conducting penetration testing annually, especially when new upgrades, network changes, or application installations occur.

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How Long Does Penetration Testing Generally Take?

Generally, it takes a few days, but if it involves a comprehensive assessment, the tests can take up to two weeks maximum. Factors such as network size, connected devices, applications, and depth of assessment mainly influence the duration.

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What is the Difference Between Penetration Testing Service and Automated Vulnerability Scanning?

Automated vulnerability scanning leverages tech-advanced tools to identify known weaknesses in networks or IT systems. While it may be valuable, it often lacks comprehensive assessment delivered by PenTests. Penetration testing, on the contrary, encompasses both manual ISMS analysis and automated scanning. This allows ethical hackers to simulate real-world cyber-attacks and explore the paths that increase exploitation risks. Ultimately enabling them to curate tailored and comprehensive security posture results.

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Does Penetration Testing Procedures Disrupt or Compromise the Organization’s Daily Operations?

Penetration testing may have some impact on the organization’s IT infrastructures, but ethical hackers make necessary efforts to minimize disruptions. Ferro Technics team of experts works collaboratively with businesses to schedule testing at optimal times to ensure their daily operations do not experience disruption.

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