Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT)

Certified Penetration Testing Professional
  • Description
  • Course Learning Objectives

Course Description

CPENT | Certified Penetration Testing Professional

Rewriting the standards of penetration testing skill development with the Certified Penetration Testing Professional or the CPENT certification program, for short. What makes this program unique is our approach that provides you a chance to attain 2 certifications with just one exam. The key philosophy behind the CPENT is simple – a penetration tester is as good as their skills, that’s why we urge you to go beyond kali, and go beyond tools. Not that we don’t believe in the OS or tools. Candidates with an over-reliance on Kali tools, will find it incredibly difficult to adapt to the multi-disciplinary approach of the real-world penetration testing engagements. We urge you to still go beyond and explore the vast horizons of penetration testing that differentiate the great from the good.

Key Outcomes

- 100% mapped with the NICE framework.

- Comes Blended with both manual and automated penetration testing approach

- Maps to the job role of a penetration tester and security analyst, based on major job portals.

- Gives a real-world experience through an Advanced Penetration Testing Range.

- 100% methodology-based penetration testing program.

- Is designed based on the most common penetration testing services offered by the best service providers in the market.

- Provides strong reporting writing guidance.

- Offers standard templates that can help during a penetration test.

Exam Information

A Hands-On Exam Like No Other.

The 24 hours that will define your career

CPENT is a fully online, remotely proctored practical exam, which challenges candidates through a gruelling 24-hour performance-based, hands-on exam, categorized into 2 practical exams of 12-hours each, which will test your perseverance and focus by forcing you to outdo yourself with each new challenge. Candidates have the option to choose either 2 12- hour exams or one 24-hour exam depending on how straining they would want the exam to be.

Candidates who score more than 90%, will establish themselves as Penetration Testing Masters and will therefore win a chance to attain the prestigious LPT (Master) credential!

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Introduction to Penetration Testing
  2. Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement
  3. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  4. Social Engineering Penetration Testing
  5. Network Penetration Testing – External
  6. Network Penetration Testing– Internal
  7. Network Penetration Testing – Perimeter Devices
  8. Web Application Penetration Testing
  9. Wireless Penetration Testing
  10. IoT Penetration Testing
  11. OT/SCADA Penetration Testing
  12. Cloud Penetration Testing 
  13. Binary Analysis and Exploitation 
  14. Report Writing and Post Testing Actions