A Proud Moment for Ferro Technics: Announcing its Membership with In-Sec-M

November 29, 2023

Ferro Technics, an emerging leader in IT Security, network and infrastructure certifications, is pleased to announce its alliance with In-Sec-M, a non-profit corporation dedicated to fostering the growth of the cybersecurity sector in Quebec, Central Canada.
In-Sec-M is a non-profit organization that has been serving as Canada’s cybersecurity industry cluster ever since its creation in 2017. While this sector marked an exponential growth of around 3.24 billion by the end of 2021 and continues to set new revenue records, several service providers are still left behind. In-Sec-M brings SMEs, stakeholders, research and learning institutions, IT companies, and government actors together to plan and execute progressive measures for the Canadian cybersecurity industry and enhance its competitiveness on both national and international grounds.

Ferro Technics empowers Healthcare, Finance, Education, and Government sectors with its comprehensive auditing and consulting services to enhance cyber defense by revamping their existing information security posture. Furthermore, its IT security, network, and infrastructure certification aims to prepare IT professionals, CIOs, and other individuals to prevent risks on their part posed by emerging cyber threats.

By joining forces with In-Sec-M, Ferro Technics is going to collaborate with a larger network of municipalities, industry experts, and organizations. Ferro Technics will extend its bespoke IT and compliance auditing, consulting, and training services to a wide range of industries, irrespective of their size, to benefit these businesses.
In this joint venture, where Ferro Technics will support global businesses seeking cybersecurity management assistance, In-Sec-M can achieve its target of creating an inclusive ecosystem. A win-win partnership for the stakeholders and the communities!
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